Just Thrive Testimonials

Just Thrive Testimonials

Changed Our Life

"My son and I have been taking Just Thrive for about 5 months and it's changed our lives. I have taken probiotics my entire life, but the effects were not similar to these. I have remained healthy while other family members have come down with various cold viruses. And my digestive system is a well working machine! But more impressive than that is the effect that Just Thrive has had on my 12 year old. We found out our son was gluten intolerant 2 years ago, and it changed his life for the better. But he still suffered from digestive issues. Since he started taking Just Thrive, his skin rashes have cleared, his energy is improved and most importantly, his digestive system is working regularly for the first time in years! I won't go one day without taking our Just Thrive and neither will my family! What a total package."

Rachel C., LaGrange Park, Illinois, USA

Heartburn Free

"Living without heartburn is amazing! Just Thrive made me regular, less gassy and I now sleep better because that horrible sensation in my esophagus is gone. Just Thrive did what years of OTC and prescription medication could not!"

Nicole M., Chicago, Illinois, USA

Completely Recovered From My Bout Of Colitis

"I have completely recovered from my bout of Colitis that nearly took me to the hospital last Saturday. After taking 1 capsule on Monday morning, by Tuesday I was completely pain free and feeling myself again. I am convinced that Just Thrive relieved my cramping normally associated with IBS and Colitis. My mother is in a nursing home recovering from a broken leg and has had IBS since she got there. Tonight I will start her on a daily regime of Just Thrive!"

Rosanne M., Park Ridge, Illinois, USA

From Our Nutritionist

"Thrive Probiotic is absolutely amazing beyond words! I don’t normally write reviews; however, as a Nutrition Consultant for over 25 years, I have TRULY tried every probiotic out there (for myself and my clients) and have never experienced such a difference so quickly. In fact, there usually is NO difference with other products. Everyone I have shared Thrive with has reported increased energy levels, better quality of sleep and better digestion. The biggest change with Thrive is that the body is working more efficiently on its own. Experience the feeling of balance and wellbeing with Thrive. I know you will love it, too!"

Sheryl Menah, Nutrition Consultant

Thrive Is The Real Deal

"Your product is the real deal! As a person with Crohn's and small bowel disease I have tried every probiotic known and none of those products worked. Thrive works! It's by far the best product I've ever taken and I've been on a lot of products especially made for Crohn's patients. I will take this product for the rest of my life as long as you keep the quality up. It's an expensive product but well worth the price. I just signed up for the monthly continuity program."

Gordon P., Clearwater, Florida, USA

Acid Reflux Disappearing

"I started taking Just Thrive and within days the discomfort from my acid reflux almost disappeared completely. I had previously been on a twice a day probiotic and while this probiotic slightly relieved my acid reflux, Just Thrive worked much better. I also do not like taking pills, so the fact that you can take Just Thrive once a day is a big plus for me. I love being on a Just Thrive. I started my kids on Just Thrive as well."

Marc A., Barrington, Illinois, USA